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New comer Shelly Grace actually challenged one of the girls that punched her in the last video, but with a catch! Sucker punched while blindfolded and then put head to head toe to toe in a full on punching contest. This amazing contest shows two girls
    AB QUEENS go at it once again! This time with BOXING GLOVES. New comer Shelly Grace challenged AVA this time WITH Boxing Gloves. Sucker punched while blindfolded and then put head to head toe to toe in a full on punching contest.
      Fitness model Abby Star needs to get conditioned to take on the annihilator. This is Abby's extreme abdominal workout to condition for the new prop. Ava breaks down Abby's abs with consecutive, continuous, rapid-fire blows that jolt Abby's entire body.
        This Custom Requested By A Supported Board Member: Rampage is showing the new girl Emily the ring. Abby comes in looking for a workout. She asks them what they are doing their and Rampage tells her she was just showing Emily around. Abby tells them...
          Britney Brooks and Jill Lauren The ultimate fusion of pleasure and pain, of submission and domination. Bellies used, abused, worshiped, and loved. Erotic, violent, sexy, and surreal.
            One of Chasa's best friends called me and asked questions about how she can get ABS. I invited "DEVON" to my cheap motel room. Devon wanted her stomach worked out and that's why she was coming to see me. I promised her an abdominal work out session.
              Abs-busted - Out for a night of fun and clubbing...and falling victim to a couple of sexual predators, who decide that their hapless victim will SERVICE them...
                Personal Training (The AB Buster) Extreme belly work over. This poor woman wishes she could have the ABS that Jill Lauren has , so what does she do? Hire Jill as a Personal Trainer She get a 16 minute ABS work out the hard way. When asked if she could be
                  Ginger! ABS to die for! Ginger enters Jill's House Of Pain to have her Abdominal s put to the test! Jill Lauren and Ginger make a deal from the start. If Ginger passes the test of ABS destruction while tied up in the H.O.P.,
                    A young man finds out his girlfriend cheated on him. The young lady does not know he found out. He seeks out and hires a dominatrix to beat her while he holds her upright. He paid her to destroy her stomach however she can. The man tricks his girlfriend
                      Lily cheats on her boyfriend again, this time she is punished in the woods. He holds her upright with her soft flat stomach sticking outward as Controversy lays nice hard solid punches every chance she can, so she can make her pay for being a cheater...
                        Shelly Grace and AVA preparing for a custom video. The girls had to get worked over in order to condition their stomachs for a serious beating.. This is a 30 minute Advanced ABS Training video. See them take on the newest Abdominal Destroyer THE OCTAPAIN
                          AFTER CLOSING TIME Exotic Dancer Desire takes a liking to another Dancers man while at the club where she works. The girl plans to get even and spike her drinks. Desire passes out in the back room and the girls tie her up and Beat her while drugged.
                            Agent Ember Skye & Agent Jill Custom video storyline. This is a custom scripted video (the stomach punching is full force) Secret Agents Ember and Jill who is assigned to go undercover as a contestant in a bikini contest in order to exchange money f
                              Suffering was great... feet sinking in deep, Alex had her belly break down over time... leaving her breathless and dry gasping. Toes to heals rocking Alex can't breath, while Jordana was bouncing up and down. Alex tied to the ropes in pain.
                                Alexis Rain -vs- Jill Lauren. Abs-Fight Alexis from go is convinced she will win against Jill and takes a brutal abdominal beating before she has to submit to Jill sexual desires. Alexis doesn't know when to quit. Jill with solar plexus abspunching
                                  Lexus is coming home late from getting her hair done at the salon and cuts through the backyard to get to the studio. Controversy, Riot & a new girl are back there hanging out. They make a comment about Lexus's new hairstyle, her black low heel shoes and
                                    Amo Punches Amo's turn to test Jill. Amo has something to prove and takes out Jill in just under 7 minutes. Jill can not handle Amo's punches for long but she did just get an extreme work over that she has not yet recovered from. So Amo punches away at
                                      ANGEL DARLING (Fetish Con 2010) "CAN'T BREAK ME DOWN" Jill Hires a PRO Dom to break her down.
                                        ANNIHILATION OF LILY: Extreme belly punching. Controversy busts Lily while cranking up the Annihilator to the max stretching out that stomach for the perfect target.
                                          BELLY GIRL ANNIHILATED BY EMBER SKYE! Ember cranks up the Annihilator and bends belly girl backwards while pounding her Rock HARD ABS. Ember loves her new toy and belly Girl takes all Ember can dish out. Belly girls ABS were completely destroyed while...
                                            Ariel is in the ring doing stretches. Controversy, Riot & Rampage enter the ring. They say that this is their time to use the ring. Controversy unloads on Aeriel's stomach knocking the wind out of her. They then drag a weakened Ariel to the corner where t
                                              Ashley Grace training in the ring while Jill Lauren instructed her. The pink boxing gloves complimented Ashley’s new look as she fired away at the corner post. Jordana enters the studio and meets catches a glimpse of Ashley. Most erotic belly punching...
                                                Ashley Grace, with her new look. Jumped by a gang of 4 girls: AMIRA ROSE, UPGRADE, CONTROVERSY and TORI. ALL AT ONCE! Ashley was PULVERIZED!
                                                  Ashley's wet dream, (Ashley's Date) Ashley has a date with Jill Lauren and gets major Ab Destruction. 21 Minutes. 160 MB. wmv Format.
                                                    ASHLEY vs UPGRADE Stomach Punching Contest 31 Minutes 249MB WMV format
                                                      Ashley Doomed in her worst nightmare. 3 girl beatdown on poor Ashley Grace. Jill Lauren, Upgrade and Stardust find Ashley in the wrong place at the wrong time. This custom video order by Frances gives Ashley's stomach a beating that will be remembered
                                                        Asia Monroe. Punching Asia testing her limits, Asia is up for the challenge. Asia finds out from the girls she can join in on the fun, with rock hard sexy ABS ASIA wants in. Jill puts Asia to the test punching her while standing up agains
                                                          AVA DESTROYED, The title says it all. The punchers: RIOT, MIA and CONTROVERSY. The location: In the ring corner and down on the mat, On the door restrained by door jam cuffs, Out in the parking lot. This girl AVA was dragged all around and beaten by all t
                                                            AVA vs LILY w/Controversy: Putting two of our toughest pain sluts in the ring to duke it out in what is the most brutal punching contest to date.Controversy leads this serious contest while delivering extremely painful penalty shots herself as the girls w
                                                              Ava's little sister was snooping around the studio looking for her big sister when Abby captured her and caged her. Baby Sis is now captured for our pleasure. After a while, Abby removes Baby Sis from her cage and secures her to the cross...
                                                                Baby Sis No Contest.
                                                                  Mistress Alix and Controversy, two of the best in domination. Ava and Lily , two of the best submissive beauties. Double booked the 4 of them agree to have a contest all together. The two Submissive girls challenge the two punchers! The punchers decide...
                                                                    Upgrade has paid Belly Girl 18 and Riot for a session of sexual domination. She is on her back with her legs shackled over a half barrel and a bench under her shoulders. Belly Girl punches and plays with her exposed belly
                                                                      Alexis Grace wants to be Jill Lauren's new star. Ashley Grace wishes to continue to be Jill's star and needs to break down Alexis while tied to the St.Andrews Cross. Alexis continues to call Ashley names and insult her while being punched.
                                                                        Ashley Grace enters Jill's new ring thinking she was doing a photo shoot, Jill and Amo double team Ashley beating her one at a time then together. Ashley is put into holds while being punched. The punching continues for the entire time she spends in the
                                                                          ASHLEY, JORDANA and ALEX beat poor Upgrade. Upgrade is set-up for a 3 on one ambush. Owing money and not being able to pay it back Upgrade must pay. Upgrade is beat with Brass Knuckles, Bats and a Night stick. Her stomach was beat by the three girls
                                                                            Ava is tied as a victim, being told that she is now a belly slave. She is secured to the door jam cuffs with her arms above her head wearing extremely low rise panties and a bare belly shirt. Ava's hips and lower abdomin are fully exposed.
                                                                              Derek & Jill Fight BAREFISTED. Both are out to prove they have the toughest mid-section. The two beat, punch, kick, knee, stomp, elbow each others bellies until it is clear who takes the most belly punishment.
                                                                                Baunfire vs Amo Full force punching contest. Jill's ring, Jill's rules. Jill beats the loser for losing. Both girls need to win as they know getting beat by Jill would put them down. Amo and Baunfire have it out. UN-cut video you see it all.
                                                                                  The Ultimate challenge. blindfolded, hands tied, boxed with gloves, then without, bare fist punches with a roll of quarters in hand to even the score. belly busting punches to the mid-section while unable to see them coming.
                                                                                    The Ultimate challenge. blindfolded, hands tied, boxed with gloves, then without, bare fisted punches with a roll of quarters in hand to even the score. belly busting punches to the mid-section while unable to see them coming.
                                                                                      BELLY BUSTING BOOT CAMP ; YOSHI Belly Busted by Shane. Yoshi needs conditioning and training. Jill arranged the "Boot Camp" training so that poor Yoshi will have her sexy stomach beat in so bad that when she fully recovers from it she will be tougher.
                                                                                        Belly Fans Belly Fans Belly Fans: Vanessa Harding beats the already beaten belly reading off names from the Belly And navel Love message board. One by one, two by two, etc.. with punches, stomps, trample, elbows, knee drop, for each one of the board mem
                                                                                          This one is for the navel love fans. Belly Girl 18 sets out to get the attention of all the Belly Lovers. At 18 and with a belly fetish herself this sexy Belly Girl shows herself in her private moments of enjoying the erotic self pleasure...
                                                                                            Belly Girl 18 "PUNCHED" This young girl was just asking for it. I punched her stomach in every way I could think of for about 20 minutes, I beat Vanity with gloves, with out gloves, boxing gloves, then grappling gloves, then bare fisted. I punched her
                                                                                              Beloved Rachel Anne is tied to a bed after being stripped down to just a bra , gagged with her OWN panties, and belly punched with rapid punches.
                                                                                                Lily unable to escape gets the wind knocked out of her many times and get her stomach beat in by Controversy. Lily is left with a very sore red belly all tied up for the boys to have their way with her later on that night, and teach her a lesson...
                                                                                                  TORI Torture with her sexy round soft belly gets slugged so brutal and so painful as Controversy (one of our hardest punchers) uses a billy club to beat on Tori's stomach. Tori is punch hard in the lower, mid and upper belly and takes solar plexus punch
                                                                                                    MISSY turns 21 years of age. Missy has been waiting to be part of the team of girls. She shows up at the studio on her Birthday and takes an extreme belly Punching, kicking, kneeing, elbowing beat-down for 20 minutes in the ring...
                                                                                                      BLACKOUT- 240MB wmv file format. 25 minutes.
                                                                                                        BOOT CAMP HELL: Upgrade could NOT survive "BOOT CAMP HELL" "Bring it on" was the last thing she remembers saying. Her sexy stomach is busted. Upgrade broke down. She was beat Just like in "Belly Busting Boot Camp but so much worse.
                                                                                                          IVY's REVENGE. Jill Lauren is set up by Ivy Sinn Jill is held by two men in different positions as she is forced to take everything Ivy could dish out. Ivy puts on the gloves and pays back Jill for all the punching she had to endure while making videos.
                                                                                                            Another Erotic duel between 2 of the best of the best girls of all times. 12 oz boxing gloves are just beyond sexy when the girls put them on in preparation to pulverize each-others stomach. The sound of 12 oz boxing gloves smacking into the girls ABS ...
                                                                                                              Derek vs Jill Glove Punching Contest Female/Female Boxing Glove punching contest. Derek's first time ever getting punched in the stomach in this punch for punch contest. This is a full force belly punching contest with boxing gloves.
                                                                                                                Custom Video Order Belly Abuse. Full force punching with a story line. Mixing the real Belly Beatings with a scripted story. Jill Lauren & Moriah
                                                                                                                  Amo, Punched breathless! Cuffed ankles to wrists. A no mercy one sided belly punching beat down. Watch as Amo seeks to prove her belly is tougher then the other girls.
                                                                                                                    Mia-Bus stop Mia. This girl found sitting on the bus stop bench after hours a few feet away from Jill's Ringside Studio. Jill takes her inside and offers her help in exchange to shoot a belly punching video. Mia takes the challenge for some cash.
                                                                                                                      Mia is excited to find she has fans. Mia calls Jill an asks for an extreme stomach beating. Jill sets it up and Mia gets what she asked for. Jill calls in Jason Saints to help pound the flesh bare-fisted while strapped down to the table...
                                                                                                                        Bus Stop Mia “REDEEMED” Mia has cleaned up! Not sure what she was up to but Jill Lauren intercepted her at the bus stop once again. This time although she cleaned her self up and decided to quit taking pain killers she wanted to redeem herself
                                                                                                                          Busted- Tribeca returns for more belly busting punishment. Jill beats on Tribeca's ABS while she has no way of blocking Jill's punches by being tied up to chains hanging from a tree in Jill's back yard.
                                                                                                                            Jill Lauren Beaten in a cage. M/F beat down. While Jill Is restrained to the ceiling caged in a cell she is beaten . Bare fisted punching with little to no recovery time at all. The male puncher rips off her top and beats her bear breasted . Slapping
                                                                                                                              Cassidy is a viscous puncher, big, strong and well trained with thick hard ABS. Very fit, very tough and active. LA Girl is not trained nor has she been working out. Her sexy belly is soft and she hasn't been all that active lately.
                                                                                                                                Our girl Derek brings in Catherine Fox, oh my she didn't know how real we are. She knows now.
                                                                                                                                  CELL BLOCK HELL 25 Minutes 197 MB WMV A tanned and beautifully toned new girl is brutally forced to do sit-ups as she lies on an exercise bench designed to rip the strongest ABS. She is held by another prisoner “Amo” and Jill Lauren (as officer war
                                                                                                                                    Pro wrestler "Kassidy" from London England & Pro wrestler "Veronica" from Brooklyn NY Challenge Jill Lauren to a belly punching contest when they find her at the "Fight House".
                                                                                                                                      Lexus attempts to take on Charlotte with her newest modifications. She barely lasts 5 minutes as Riot punches her soft flat stomach.
                                                                                                                                        RIOT attempts to take on the new prop Charlotte Black with the newest modifications made. Riot lasts over 20 minutes as Lexus punches her soft stomach. Some scenes had to be cut do to the violent nature of this prop and having to cut for Riots safety
                                                                                                                                          New comer attempts to take on the new prop Charlotte Black with the newest modifications made. Lasting over 17 minutes as Controversy punches her soft stomach. Some scenes had to be cut do to the violent nature of this prop and we did have to cut for the
                                                                                                                                            Charlotte Black just took out Vanity (Belly Girl 18) and Amber Legz. Wrecking them both in minutes. They took turns on it and 12 minute video un-cut footage, with both Vanity and Amber Legz taking punches from each other. (Belly Girl 18 NUDE) and Amber Le
                                                                                                                                              Charlotte Black Day 5. Streetwalker punched by Controversy. Charlotte Black wins again as no girl was able to last a full 20 minutes with no breaks or cuts. This video is 29 minutes due to the cuts that were necessary for Steetwalkers safety.
                                                                                                                                                Charlotte Black Day 6. Upgrade has come to take on the viscous new prop Charlotte Black. Watch as one of the toughest girls at Ringside to date is painfully destroyed
                                                                                                                                                  Charlotte Black day 7: Mikaela A professional Dominatrix wants to see the other side. Not submissive at all and not liking to receive pain at all, we put Streetwalker as a lighter puncher. Streetwalker punches Mikaela's stomach for as long as she can take
                                                                                                                                                    Charlotte Black is a prop designed to win. As it always does. Lily takes the challenge. This video ends in a knockout. Controversy destroys Lily's stomach while Lily dares to take on Charlotte Black. It's lights out for Lily by 20 minutes. Controversy lea
                                                                                                                                                      Charlotte, Day 1. Testing the prop using Mia and Controversy. Both girls failed at lasting the stomach beating on Charlotte. The prop will be re-designed using a ball gag instead of a neck collar so the victim with not get choked out.